servis elektro
Sturova 415, 952 01 Vrable, Slovakia
tel./fax: +42137/7833037,mobile:+421905/320627

The company was founded in 1990 in the face of repair work machines in the area of Vrable. Since its inception, we have undergone extensive development with the expanded of our activities.

We have a large number of satisfied customers today over Slovakia as well as abroad

We own modern equipment and facilities for the exercise of the activities from the production, service, installation, professional inspections and tests machines.

For all of us out of work will be displayed in the audit report to the minimum price, as well as all the necessary documentation.

The cooperation with you is enjoying stable bunch electrical engineers


Repair of machinery on a large scale - industry, engineering, food processing, wood industry, chemical production, plastics processing, etc. .. Repair machines where they are managing computers (from Siemens, Moeller and Amit.)

Retrofitting - design and manufacture of electric parts of older equipment, treatment plant, under the new standards.

We provide warranty service for a number of foreign companies, in many cases after previous training directly from the manufacturer.


Production of simple machines and equipment, electrical switchgear for houses, electrical cabinets for specific determination according to customer needs - and other production facilities, production of electric parts of machinery - strong and weak current. Software development for PLC from Siemens (version 200, 300, 400, 1200), also Moeller (Eaton) and AMIT Czech Republic.

In cooperation with partner companies in the area of ​​the former Tesla also produce essentially any mechanical parts of machines for cutting-edge metalworking machines.


Projects for construction, electrical distribution systems for manufacturing and other areas. Processing documentation of existing wiring and equipment. Changes and modifications connection. Projects for the electrical connections of buildings and houses.


Electromounting work on or supplied. us to construct the project. Distribution and production premises, houses, electrical connections, etc. ..


All electrical equipment up to 1000V, machinery, power tools, power lines and other production facilities.


Mediation, purchase and sale of machines, even after correction for us.
Buying, selling electronic components according to customer requirements.
We own a small store the most common elements in the electrical industry.
Please contact us for mediation of your element here in Slovakia. We will sell your elements.

Used elements from international suppliers and many domain producers...

Ballufnorgrensiemensschneider telemecanique OMRON, SICK, BANNER , AMIT, VONSCH, atc.. We haven't problems used elements on the requirements business.

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